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The Confederation of Hot Male Sports Ass

... and we know our stats, too!

Hot Sports Men
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Welcome to Hot Sports Men, a community created for the sole intent and purpose of salivating over delicious, athletic male ass.

While we moderators, new_world_smurf, doctorzbornak and miizznena, pride ourselves on being incredibly knowledgeble sports fans, we have an insatiable need for a place where we can openly express our love for the attractive physical aspects of these men without being chided as we would if we were to post such things in sports debating forums. We know there are many others out there who feel the same way, and we invite you to join the fun! Post pictures, declare your love (or lust), make funny comments, share groupie stories, imagine slash--whatever you choose just so long as it's in the realm of praising hot sports men!

-Our most important rule is to watch the bashing of other's tastes. We all have differing opinions, and that's quite all right. For examples of our varying interests, Nena wants Santana Moss to father her children; Smurf's obsession with Chad Pennington (or Nick Swisher, depending on what season it is) frightens many around her and Doctor Z has a taste for young San Francisco Giants rookies. While you may not agree with our choices and may certainly voice your protest, please do it in a kind manner as to not start any sort of flame wars or other sorts of ruckus. Besides--you see an ugly guy, we see less competition.

-Another important rule is to please use LJ-cuts if posting lots of photos or large photos. For information on how to do so, go here.

-Our final written rule is no community advertisments or promotions. We've been leinient in the past but there's a rash of spammers going around LJ and to prevent our fine community from getting hit with spam and useless advertising, we will no longer allow these things. Thank you for understanding.

Otherwise, we are a relatively open community. The more lewdness, the better! We are females (and males, HSM is gay friendly) with needs, after all.

We are in the process of revamping the community, but to do so, we also need your input. Please suggest things you'd like to see in this community, as we are open for suggestions to make this place even more incredibly fun than it already is. Also, "The List", a compilation of our 150 favorite Hot Sports Men, has also been revamped. While names have disappeared, this is not to say the love for them still doesn't exist (it's just that we're not up on our hockey/NASCAR/etc.). We are just attempting to provide equal love to show our different preferences and tastes here at HSM in a much less lengthy manner.

And don't forget to visit our sister communities ugly_sports_men and sports_skanks for all your hating needs!
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